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Partners in Construction

In compliance with primary regulations
and practices, we can tailor our services
to meet your specific requirements.

Your Partner in Construction

In compliance with the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and associated legislative and best practice, below is just a brief look at some of the services we can offer.

Give us a call and we will adapt our services to meet your specific requirements

  • Construction Design Management (CDM2015) Support services
  • Assisting & Supporting New Principle Designer role
  • Contractor Vetting and Verification
  • Constructions Site Safety Audit and Inspections / Tool Box Talks (TBT’s)
  • Asbestos Operational Compliance Audits and Inspections

Production & Verification of:

  • Pre-Construction Safety Information (PCI)
  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPP)
  • Client Health and Safety File, Operating & Maintenance Manual (O&M)
  • Project Fire Risk Assessments
  • Project Fire Plans & Emergency Procedure
  • COSHH Risk Assessments for products used in Construction

For further reading on CDM 2015 regulation and guidance, please follow the links below:-

  1. HSE CDM2015 L153 Managing health and safety in construction, Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, Guidance on Regulations
  2. HSE CDM2015 INDG411 Need building works done? A short guide for clients on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  3. HSE CDM2015 “Construction Information Sheet (CIS 80 04/15) entitled “CDM 2015 Construction Phase Plan (CDM 2015) what you need to know as a busy builder”
    1. HSE CDM 15/1 CDM2015 Industry Guidance for Clients
    2. HSE CDM 15/2 CDM2015 Industry Guidance for Principal Designers
    3. HSE CDM 15/3 CDM2015 Industry Guidance for Contractors
    4. HSE CDM 15/4 CDM2015 Industry Guidance for Designers
    5. HSE CDM 15/5 CDM2015 Industry Guidance for Principal Contractors
    6. HSE CDM 15/6 CDM2015 Industry Guidance for Workers
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